procurement + management

stickman group

At Stickman Group

we ensure our client gets what they expected and paid for.

What are the advantages of using Stickman for your procurement and management needs

Client will have the following advantages with this service

  • Currently all cost savings for our clients have exceeded the service fees
  • We take the pressure off the project team so they can focus on more
    important aspects
  • Completely open and transparent on all processes and payments to
    ensure trust and reliability

How long will it take

Start any time from design stage to final sign off at completition

What do you get

Procure the best quality products at the optimum price.
Ensure the entire process is managed correctly.


From 8.5% of the total procured product value

Why Stickman specifically

  • Specialists with years of knowledge in glass and design
  • Complete transparency
  • Committed to providing the best service possible

072 601 9164
First Floor, Autoparks House, 13 Park Crecent, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
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