stickman group

For years, the ironmongery industry has stayed the same. The players, rules and market haven’t changed and the outcome is still the same. THIS IS WHY WE ARE CHANGING THE GAME. In today’s times, Stickman responds to what our clients value the most because that is what they want in a company: ensure their needs are taken care of.

How are we changing?

Let us know what you value most for your ironmongery
needs and let us show you how we can respond

Our current products

We currently only supplying CISA and QS products to our

What do you get

PDF: Report, certificate, Form 2 and Form 4


Let us know what you value most for your Ironmongery
needs. If we cannot fulfill your value we will donate R90 to
the Sandton SPCA*

email us at
072 601 9164
First Floor, Autoparks House, 13 Park Crecent, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
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