energy analysis

stickman group

At Stickman Group

we are able to provide you with the necessary reports, certificates and forms

for submission to your local building council for approval

Why should you choose Stickman as
your glazing and energy efficiency

At Stickman Group, our clients have the following advantages with this service:

  • In-depth information on what building materials to use for energy efficiency
  • Ability to make informed decisions
  • Understanding of future cost implications before building

How long will it take

From 5 to 7 working days on average for single buildings up to 1000m²

What do you get

A full energy analysis report in PDF Format


A 500m² house averages at R31 000 Ex vat. Inquire for an accurate quote

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First Floor, Autoparks House, 13 Park Crecent, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
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