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At Stickman Group, we are able to provide our clients with the necessary reports, certificates and forms for submission to their local building council for approval.



options available with this service

Client can choose the following avenues for material choice*

  • Building materials to architects specifications
  • Building materials to optimise energy efficiency
  • Building materials to optimise cost

*The requested use of materials does not gaurentee compliance with the regulations

How long will it take

1 – 5 working days on average for single buildings
Express delivery available at additonal costs. Booking essential

What do you get

PDF: Report, certificate, Form 2 and Form 4


Offering the lowest prices in the market with superior end
products and service

instant quote

Select the closest total gross building area of your single building project to receive an instant quote

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Prices are Excluding VAT

T’s & C’s apply. Plans will need to be provided to verify final amount


Compliance by comparing to a reference building:
We model and set up all data accurately according to how the Architect has specified everything and then we take that model and simulate it to get monthly and hourly data specifying how much energy the building needs to keep it at a comfortable temperature. 
We also model up a reference building which is set up with the minimum requirements (according to SANS 10400-XA) so that it is deemed-to-satisfy. 
We can then compare the data of both the actual building and the reference building to see if the actual building performs better or worse than the reference building. If it performs better, then we can say that it complies with SANS 10400-XA as it performs better than the minimum requirements needed for compliance.

We use a 3D energy modelling program called Design Builder. Design Builder allows us to accurately model up a building with all the factors that affect the efficiency of a building and is suitable to calculate the energy requirements for all building types. Design Builder simulates the building’s energy performance which tells us how much energy the building requires to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

Design Builder is certified by Agreement South Africa for energy modelling of buildings and produces data after simulation which is suitable to compare data from an actual and reference building for compliance.

• Most cost-effective solution to achieve optimum efficiency
• Accurate data used when modeling (Site specific, weather data, HVAC, Shading and Construction methods)
• You have complete freedom of design because we will ensure that it works in the end by making other aspects of the building perform better to compensate for energy loss due to desired design

Once we have received the necessary drawings, the quote has been approved and we have been appointed to do the Rational Design Assessment, we can start with the assessment.

  1. We start by looking at the drawings to fully understand the building, how it works, and the construction methods used.
  2. We then go on to model up the actual building in an energy program, certified by Agreement South Africa, as accurately as possible with all shading devices and the construction set as specified by the architect.
  3. We then go on to set up the reference building with the minimum requirements for compliance (as per SANS 10400-XA) and all shading removed. This allows us to compare the two buildings to ensure compliance.
  4. We then double and triple check that the models have been set up correctly and then go on to simulate both buildings to get monthly and hourly data.
  5. Once we have the data, we compare the actual and the reference to one another to see if the actual performs better or worse than the reference. If it performs better, your building passes and is compliant, if it performs worse, then it does not comply.
  6. Now we go on to make the Rational Design Report Compliance Certificate

We guarantee going above and beyond for you, work delivered on time with the optimum energy efficiency results for your building as well as cost savings.


072 601 9164
First Floor, Autoparks House, 13 Park Crecent, Glenhazel, Johannesburg.
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